Work, Extra-Life and Titanfall

Now that Titanfall is out, I finally decided to get back into streaming, competitive play and my social network influence.

I streamed for about 6 hours yesterday, finished campaign, and plan on streaming almost every time I play. I plan on having giveaways, including Xbox live subs/and dollars, add-ons and beta keys, and swag. Hopefully my following for streaming will build and I can position a consistent day/s to stream, as well as position myself as a competitive player.

Update 2014

Well well well. I always come back to this it seems like every 6 months. I have good reasoning to though. I have alot on my plate and Saturday, 3 days away, everything will be known. This time…I will be back for good.

State of Me

So..its been a really really long time since I’ve posted anything, and at this point I am attempting to do some cool stuff.

I have a new job which gets me an outlet to a lot of cool stuff.

More to come!

Remembering my social media outlets is hard. SMH

Decided to post something….not very informative.

Look to the future, for more will come very soon.

State of gaming

My hobbies have taken me to many places and many different ideas have been thrown my direction. I’ve recently returned to SWToR MMO as a casual player and have enjoyed it.

Going forward, gaming as a whole might take precedence in my life depending on what happens come the first of the year.

I’ve been working for months on a website redoing, reworking, and retooling the overall concept and yet again it just may change.

2013 will be a year for me to remember as hopefully a lot of opportunities will come my way.




This is a Tumblr post.

That is all.

Das Youtube


Title says all. Started my youtube ‘career’ the other night and damn.

Just uploaded some basic videos (technically just making them avail for all).
Got tons of views and comments and a couple subs.

Starting tomorrow, I will record a ton more daily (both my gameplay and general crap)

Hopefully this will grow into something big.

See you tomorrow



Youtube Saga

Well it has begun.

I have officially been uploading videos to youtube. Unfortunately I cannot monetize them yet as they are Halo vids but that is ok.

First videos up:

1) Halo 4 Legendary Ending
2) Halo Waypoint Terminal Videos (Unlocked after finding terminals in-game)

Coming soon:

3) Halo 4 Epilogue
4) Terminal Location video 

Is It Really THAAAAT Hard

Currently working on what seems to be an impossible task on the site.

Hopefully the next day or so I shall have a solution to my problem, and be able to FINALLY launch the site the way it was meant too.

See y’all soon.